Where can you get the gear we use in our training sessions?

Extra Padded Shin Guards

These have wide foot coverage

these have a harder inner shell

These are the Rolls Royce of shin guards

These are expensive, but they won't wear out

These are great for wrist support with or w/o gloves

...and i'm proud to be an american

a great two-in-one (glove & wrist support wrap)

gel hand wrap supports - gloves worn inside the boxing glove

Gel heand wrap supports in multiple colors

8 ounce gloves - great for speed training

10 ounce gloves - great for working the mitts

12 ounce gloves - good all around weighted gloves

16 ounce gloves in 13 colors - for heavy bags & hard hitting

Curved Mitts - thick leather construction

expensive mitts that'll be around long after you're not

thai Blocking pads - for elbows, knees & kicks

Targets - for kicking & punching through the target

"Landing Elbows Boggles My Brain" Well you need a mouthpiece