Nutrition - because you can't train your way out of bad diet

First - Grab A Journal Or Notebook

Your food eating habits are equally as important to your health success as your workout sessions.

If you can't evaluate your habits, you can't correct them

AND you can't correct them if you don't have a plan on how to eat correctly for your body.

Fads Don't Work For Your Body In The Long Term

The latest celebrity endorsed diet pill or the electronic abdominal shocker or twist board will not give you the 6-pack abs that the TV spokesperson guarantees (or your money back). 

Those aren't plans... those are Gimmicks!!!!

To be successful with an eating lifestyle, you should plan, shop, cook and package a weeks worth of food. We recommend using Sundays for this task.

It Takes Discipline

Yes, it may carve 2-3 hours out of your weekend couch surfing time, but you'll hone your skills both in the kitchen and/or mastering your grill.

Before long, it becomes just part of your life's weekly schedule, just like working out. 

Ask us for direction

Controlling Carbs, Sugars & Fat Can Be Challenging

Here, we list our recommendations of the nutritional enhancements for a successful nutritional plan. But feel free to ask us about advice on how to prepare & incorporate them into your plan

It's Your Choice, But...

In our experience, the individuals who struggle with their diet the most, are the same ones who refuse to follow a plan.

Your Eating Plan Is The MOST Crucial Part Of Your Training Program

We have sent clients home within the first 5 minutes of their training sessions because either they didn't eat for 8 eights hours before an evening training session, ate something too filling before a training session, or discovered that they drank little alcohol before a training session.

To get the most out of your sessions, your need to fuel up correctly for the type of session that you are about to go through. in this section, we've included our choices for nutritional guides and products that we keep handy to supplement the demands of our work schedules.

Coconut Oil is a natural MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) and adding it to your diet is like adding Nitrous Fuel to your vehicle's gas tank.

Miracle Noodles are made from Shirataki Roots. An entire bowl of Miracle Noodle pasta has only 1 gram of carbohydrates. The best way to warm the noodles is to place them in a strainer, rinse the packing water off, them dip the strainer in a bowl of hot water for a minute, tap dry, then mix with your favorite protein or veggies. Do not microwave, as it dehydrates the noodles and makes them "rubbery".

Chris Aceto is a former Pro Bodybuilder, Cancer Survivor, and an Accomplished Author (both Books and Magazines). His practical dieting advice is followed by pro athletes the world over. 

Our favorite low carb guide from our favorite author

Here are the staples for your eating plan

The Fettuccini Noodles are a staple

Great in water, dairy & soy or almond milk - 24 packets

add a scoop to oatmeal, cereal or make a smoothie - vanilla


best value on Power Crunch Bars- Keep a box in your desk

Our Favorite Crunch Bar - Great with a cup of coffee

Cookies-n-Cream, but don't keep these in your car

Peanut Butter


coconut oil - a spoonful in the am or in your morning coffee

a great book for understanding the gluten free lifestyle

Chris Aceto Books: Our favotite nutrition author

introduction to understanding bodybuilding diets

Understanding Bodybuilding diets - advanced