Preparing For What you hope never happens

In Every CORE Training Session, We Ask Ourselves, 

"Are You Prepared?"

Our Theme:  It Wasn't Raining When Noah Built The Ark. 

You Should Understand that Once Disaster Strikes, The Time For Preparation Has Passed

The Duration of Your Self-Reliance will depend on (1) The Nature of the Challenge or the Disaster, (2) Your Gear, (3) Your Location, and finally (4) Your Skills.  

Our History - Finding The Need

Our Founder has a very diverse background. He's a Certified Personal Trainer, current Commercial Lending Officer, Martial Arts Instructor and Former Paramedic. His experiences forged his belief that in every dire situation, those who were not prepared are the ones who struggle most.

He grew up in rural Southern Louisiana. He preferred spending his time outdoors, playing sports & studying martial arts, and understanding how the human body reacted to physical training and stress. 

He worked his through college as both a personal trainer by day and a bouncer at the local college nightclubs on the weekends. He interned at a local hospital ER and was involved with the local ambulatory company. 

It was also during his college years, that he experienced the dark side of Mardi Gras. Between splitting his time working as an EMT / First Responder during the Mardi Gras Parades during the day and Security Staff of the Mardi Gras parties at night, he experienced civil unrest at an accelerated level. 

These experiences expanded his understanding of how to survive an emergency situation. More importantly, it exposed weaknesses in his skill set, teaching him how to better prepare for dangerous situations.

Our Training Programs Capitalize on these Life Experiences to Help Get You Better Prepared for Whatever Situation You May Face.