training alone at home or in a group setting

Kicking & Punching the Air is Great for Creating Form and Perfecting Angles & Movements

But After a While, You'll Need to Experience Realistic Resistence

Close the deal

Heavy Bags That Require a Stable Ceiling Anchor Can Be a Little Restrictive. So, If you Don't Have a Training Partner Who is Willing to Get Hit, We Recommend a Standing Portable Dummy.

These Are The Dummies We Use in Training, As Well As The Ones We Keep In Our Homes.

Note: If You Decide To Dress Your Bob Dummy In a T-Shirt & Hat, You May Want to Inform Your Spouse of His Location, PRIOR to Them Walking Into the Room & Turning on the Light. 

the Bob dummy... for Realistic flesh-like contact

a bigger dummy - this bob is wearing shorts

our choice for 3-person training. allows for groing kicks

like the big boy above, but with arms

smaller & lighter versys. this one bounces back

Ground 'n Pound dummies - this one comes filled

Unfillied - pack some old t-shirts & sweats inside

small & portable dummy

This one has a great flat face target

We even throw these heavy bags on the ground & pound them