Confused or Don't Have Time to acquire your custom gear?

You can spend HOURS shopping sites and looking through magazines, searching for the right gear. Most bags are crafted to prepare you for surviving in the wilderness.

We've identified the bags and gear that can serve you best in an Urban  Survival Situation.

So, What To DO?

Just click on these links and acquire quality gear directly from our favorite vendors.

We've Done the Shopping For You

Water is key to survival. Get 2-3 per person in your group

Simple 4-person kit

Communication - don't rely on your cell phone or tablet

2-person 72-hour "get me home" kit

stay informed & charged with a hand crank radio & charger

A basic handy gear tool kit for your car & office

mom....i'm hungry!!!!!

for the boat and lake house

Throw it to someone caught in water & it auto inflates

Window break & seat belt cutters no car should be without