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Regardless Of The Goal, ALL Successful Training Begins With Development Of A Strong Foundation Referred To As The CORE. This Concept Is Described In Biblical Terms As "Building On The Rock". 

As With All Training Programs, We Should Start With Identifying The "Why Train?" Concept. 

Everyone Trains For Different Reasons. What Are Your Hot Buttons? 


  • Are You Out Of Shape Or Do You Need Develop Better Balance, Power & Speed? 
  • Are You Physically Ready To Handle An Emergency Situation, Such As A Natural Disaster?
  • Are You Confident In Your Ability To Ward Off An Attacker and/or Protect Your Loved Ones In Case Of Civil Unrest?
  • Are You Ready To Take On The Excursions During Your Upcoming Vacation? 
  • Do You Need To Sharpen Your Performance Levels For An Upcoming Martial Arts Tournaments, Sports Try Outs, Cheer Leading Competitions, Or The Annual Company Picnic Softball Games? 
  • Can Your Body Handle The Demands Of An Emergency Situation Or Running Through The Airport While Carrying Two Or More Different Sized Bags?


  • Has The Confidence In Your Abilities Dropped, As Your Body Has Aged?
  • Have You Stopped Celebrating The Small Successes In Your Current Training Regimen? 
  • Do You Need Help In Sharpening Your Existing Talent & Skill, Or Do You Need To Develop A New Skill To Enhance Your Existing Inventory Of Skills? 

Professional Team Leaders:

  • Are You Leading A Team Leader A Have Identified That Your Employees' Current Training Program Needs More Of A Hands-On Functional & Practical Direction?
  • Can Your Employees Come Together And Survive A Crisis Situation?

Foundation Martial Arts Training

A Practical Approach To Fitness

What Our Fitness Programs ARE NOT:

  • We Don't Believe That A CrossFit Style System Is For Everyone
  • We Don't Follow Cookie Cutter Personal Training Workout Plans, Like 99% Of Gyms In The Market
  • We Don't Follow "Fad Fitness" Theories Nor Believe That A Single "Gadget" Is The Answer To Your Fitness Issues 
  • We Don't Believe That Quick Weight Loss Is Healthy

What Our Fitness Programs ARE:

  • In Our System, Your Abilities Are Constantly Evaluated To Determine:
    • Which Muscle Groups Need Strengthening
    • What Level Of Conditioning Your Body Needs
    • What Level Of Proprioception (The Body's Internal Mechanisms Which Govern Body Position, Motion, & Equilibrium) Do You Possess
  • We Constantly Integrate Centuries-Old Foundational Martial Arts Training & Survival Techniques With Traditional & Modern Weight Lifting
  • We Pride Ourselves On The Fact That Our Clients Will NEVER Repeat The Same Workout Twice, Unless They Duplicate Their Session While On Their Own


Emergency Preparedness Training & Bags

When Disaster Strikes, The Time To Prepare Has Passed

The Duration of your self-reliance will depend on:

  1. The Nature of the Disaster
  2. Your Gear
  3. Your Location
  4. Your Skills  

We Sale Custom & Prepacked 72-Hour Get Me Home Bags

If THE catastrophic event that hopefully NEVER occurs, does end up happening while you are at work and away from your family, then WHAT are your plans on getting you and your team back home safely?

But THAT's Only Half The Battle!!!

Having a 72-Hour Bag is only as good as the skills of person carrying it.

Ask about adding one of our basic training sessions to your order.


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